Friday, October 18, 2013

Diversity and Tears

I hate that I'm so damn sensitive. 
I'm sitting here actually crying because a nationally known writer's conference, which I have always respected, seems intent on putting on a white face. In the press releases that they put out -- year after year -- mentioning their past speakers, they're all white.
No African-Americans, no Latinos, no Asians.
And the things is they HAVE had a few well-known African-Americans, a some more well-known then the ones they mention in the press releases.
And then I started thinking about the African-Americans, Asians, and Latino authors who live in the area this conference supposedly represents, who have never been approached about being a speaker. And I'm getting ill about it!!!!
Diversity is so important, and something -- that as a writer -- I've always tried to promote. I really believe as writers, we can help promote diversity amongst others. We do have the power to influence through the use of our pen. But we've got to get it together amongst ourselves!!!!
Please, understand, I'm not crying because I want to be a speaker at the conference . . . I was actually a speaker a few years back . . . I'm crying because there is a writers organization I respected that I now suspect may not deserve that respect.
And I'm so upset I'm crying.


  1. Karen, maybe it's time we stop plucking up the meager crumbs and form our own organization. If blacks, Latinos, Asians, etc., got together, we could do it. Diversity is nice but when lack of inclusion causes this much pain it's just not worth it. IMHO.