Sunday, July 24, 2011

Money Can't Buy Love - by Connie Briscoe

Lenora Stone is having a tough time of it. She’s overweight, behind in her bills, and she’s been dating a man for three years whom she just can’t get to the altar.
            And though she’s got a great job as a photographer for a popular Baltimore lifestyle magazine, she can’t get along with her boss -- the gorgeous and filthy-mouthed Dawna Delaney.
If only she had enough money to quit.
If only her life were different.
If only she could hit the state lottery.
Then she does – to the tune of $5 million.
She’s so shocked it actually takes her week before she finally cashes in the ticket, but just hours afterward she buys her dream car, a cashmere silver BMW 750Li. It is her first purchase, but it wouldn’t be her last. Because Lenora is certain that now that she’s Maryland’s newest millionaire, she can buy anything – including happiness. And possibly even love.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Book Review - No One in the World, by E. Lynn Harris and RM Johnson

Cobi Winslow has problems. The tall dark and handsome state attorney was adopted by a wealthy family as a young child, lives in a mansion, drives a Porsche, and is seemingly destined for a successful political career.
But after his adoptive parents are killed in a tragic plane crash, he finds that their will stipulates that unless he marries by his thirty-fourth birthday – which is only 40 days away – he’ll lose his $20 million dollar inheritance and a chunk of shares in the family’s hair product empire, which might mean that the company could face a hostile takeover.
In view of the fact that he’s considered one of the most eligible and sought after bachelor in Chicago, even this seems surmountable; but the fact that Cobi is a closeted gay, carrying on a secret affair with a married state senator complicates matters immensely.