Sunday, December 11, 2011

Obama As A Chia Pet? Really???

Can you believe it? I couldn't? I first saw a commercial for it late yesterday afternoon and then again a couple of hours ago. I wondered . . . is this a joke? A racist joke at that? I mean, it was alarming watching the commercial and seeing Obama's green afro grow before our eyes. (I guess it didn't bother the makers of the toy that Obama does not sport an afro!)And just it time for Christmas, no less!

But a little investigation shows that the Obama Chia Pet has been on sale since January 2009. I don't know why I've never seen a commercial for it before . . . maybe they're only now doing television advertising? And, and it turns out, Obama is not only the president to be embodied as a chia pet . . . they have one for Abraham Lincoln, and George Washington, too! Along with chia Statue of Liberty and Hilary Clinton.

So, maybe . . . as the commercial say, having an Obama Chia Pet shows you're proud to be an American?

But before you decide, take a look at the Chia Pet in action.

Now . . .What say you??